Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Back in Session!

It has been great having my fantastic 5s back again! I have been so proud of how well they have done with all the changes these past two days!...  LOTS to catch you up on! :)

On our first day back we went over all the "Fun Stuff" (rules and procedures)

          A little friendly competition never hurt anyone!

*** Tickets, Tickets, TICKETS!!!
         The fantastic fives are now all about the tickets. Think of it like money. They can earn it, they can lose it, and they can spend it. I am trying to use this to teach them how to be responsible for their actions, think about the choices they make, and hopefully instill in them a little bit of money management skills.
                               ***Still under construction but we shall see how it works... So far so good!

                      (More about this to come)

           Beginning yesterday the entire 5th grade has been working extra hard on "Beefing-UP" their writing. Students will break up into heterogeneously organized small groups to help target specific areas where the students need help in their writing. Thanks to many willing staff for taking time out of their day to help encourage and push our 5th graders to be the best writers they can be!

            I couldn't be more excited with how well my Fantastic 5s have been doing in their new Investigation Stations...

           We are at it again! The fantastic 5s will continue to do their math drills....
                                             STUDY! STUDY! STUDY!

            Yesterday we started with a review of fractions and then the Fantastic 5s were given an opportunity to use Fraction Tiles to help them solve a problem. It was a little harder than they thought but they did a great job.... steam was rising from their brains with the determination to solve the problem!

            Today we worked on Simplifying fractions. The students were given a problem and asked to find as many equivalent fractions as they could get. Some of them caught on rather quickly and soon became teachers themselves!

****THE MACHINE AGE (Late 1800s)
           The Fantastic 5s have been investigating the changes during the late 1800s. Today they were able to look at different inventions and ideas that were developed in the 1800s.

Here are four posters they made in their groups...

They then took a closer look at a few other inventions and how they changed the way people lived and worked.

In case you missed any of these lessons, take a look at the "Catcher-uppers" :)

*** Lots of Pics will be uploaded just as soon as I can get my camera to give them to me... It is being a little stingy today! :)