Monday, November 28, 2011

Swimming anyone??

Everyone was geared up and full of excitement as they made their way back to school after a much deserved Thanksgiving break. Sadly, much to everyones disappointment, we were all greeted by the newly formed swimming pool where the parking lot once was. 


Fortunately the side of the building was clear and students were able to arrive safely. We all began the day as usual... or at least as best we could with all the excitement... I'm not sure about the other students but mine were sure having trouble concentrating on their work.

"Ms. Waddell! The geese are swimming on our playground and the plastic house is floating!"
          -One of my students shouting as they pulled up the blinds to our back windows.

Eventually school was called. After 120 sharpened pencils, the start of 9 acronyms for remembering the planets, and quite a few cold, wet feet, all the kids were on their way home. 

Good luck staying dry!!

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Talkin' Turkey!

My class has been working on figurative language. You might remember from another blog, that my class had a wonderful time writing about doughnuts.

My students had the best time with this, and they went on a small sugar high.

A co-worker of mine did a figurative language tree and with Thanksgiving right around the corner, I decided to take her wonderful idea and create a Thanksgiving turkey.

I have done this turkey with other classes before but this is the first time I have allowed the students to help with the entire thing. After talking about the different types of figurative language, the students were asked to write their own sentences on colorful feathers.

Once the feathers were complete, it was turkey stuffing time! The students cleaned out some of their desks and started stuffing!

Happy Thanksgiving!!!